Experience is one of the most important preconditions to produce excellent wines. An old wooden vertical press made in 1789 and the long wine-making tradition in our family guarantee highly professional vinification in the Winery Ceidl.


Our vineyards are partly in Baden and partly in Bad Vöslau. In total our family
cultivates 6.5 ha. Additionally, we buy high-quality grapes from wine growers we have
long-term contracts with.

new-planted vineyard in second year at Harterberg

wine cellar

Especially in the wine cellar technical progress is indispensable to permanently produce high-quality products. Picking the grapes only by hand, pressing with low pressure, temperature-controlled fermentation and an absolutely clean and hygienic working environment are determining factors in our winery. On that score our family philosophy is:

To bring tradition in line
with the spirit of the time!

While picking the grapes the harvesters turn their
attention to the selection of best-quality fruits.

Weingut Ceidl, A-2500 Baden, Vöslauer Str. 15

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